Updo's Studio's signature "U" logo in black and hot pink with a transparent background.
Updo's Studio's signature "U" logo in black and hot pink with a transparent background.



Updo's Studio celebrates over 24 years of award-winning wedding hair and makeup!Updo's Studio celebrates over 24 years of award-winning wedding hair and makeup!


1. We have the Experience:
Updo's Studio has been in business doing on-site hair and makeup for 24 years now. We've done over 3000 weddings alone, not to mention proms, ballroom competitions, and other events. You can trust that we have the experience to know what we're doing and do it well.

2. We Pioneered the industry:
We can't say for sure that we were the first company to do on-site hair and makeup, but we can absolutely say we were one of the first. Our model for how we do weddings wasn't an idea we took from someone else. We actually created it from scratch, and to this day, no one else does a wedding like we do. In fact, many of our competitors were trained by us; they used to be Updo's girls.

3. We can Accommodate your needs:
At this point, we've just about seen it all and have come up with ways to accommodate every bride and her family. We can provide extensions, tattoo coverup, airbrush, eyelashes, and more, on top of our standard hair and makeup services. We can accommodate any size party and complete our services within 2-3 hours every time, even for parties of 20+. And we also regularly travel throughout NC and surrounding states to our clients' venues.

4. We're Insured:
We take what we do very seriously. We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. We also understand that you only get one body in life. That's why we're insured. In 20 years, we've never needed our insurance because we've never hurt anyone, but we still have it because we understand your value as a person.

5. We offer competitive Pricing:
Even though we could charge a premium for what we do, since our service is totally unique, we actually offer very competitive pricing. We believe in giving outstanding service for a fair price.

Updo's Studio is the original on-site wedding hair and makeup company in the Triad of NC as well as surrounding states.

​Here are just a few of the things that makes Updo's different:

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Updo's Studio has been leading the bridal beauty industry for the last 24 years in the Triad area of North Carolina. Starting in 2000, Amanda Wazlavek, Owner, and her business partner Heather Still had a dream of providing quality hair and makeup services on-location for weddings and events. Through much hard work and long hours, they made their dream a reality, and that dream is still thriving today in Updo's Studio. As a company, Updo's has completed over 3000 weddings across the country. Making our clients happy is of the utmost importance to us, and we are passionate about leaving you with a sense of pride in your finished look. We always say that if you don't love it, let us create another look that you will.

Updo's Studio is an on-site hair and makeup company that will travel to any location nationwide, offering services for all occasions. Our staff are experts in new trends, popular styles, and classic looks. Our team is made up of talented, passionate women who are skilled in their craft and continue to educate themselves to remain the best for our clientele. In recent years, we've completed over 300 weddings alone each year. Updo's Studio is a member of the Triad Bridal Association and we have won numerous awards annually, including Best of the Knot, Best of Triad Weddings, and Couples' Choice Award of Wedding Wire.